Planning to bridge the demand-supply gap and generate more awareness for blood units in the country, Twitter India this week rolled out a new social program dubbed as #BloodMatters. As per a report by the WHO (World Health Organization), only 9 Million blood units are obtainable each year in India, in opposition to a requirement of 12 Million units.

Twitter India blood donation

@BloodDonorsIN (Blood Donors India), a charitable helpline for blood donation on Twitter, is the first associative for the initiative started by Twitter. Through this program, Twitter claimed that it looks to work with extra helplines of blood donation such as @BloodDonorsIN, health institutions, and blood banks all over the nation to link and get to a bigger audience.

“The portal plans to increase up the number of donors, the amount of chat related to blood donation in India, and work with associates that can make sure screened and safe blood can reach in time to those in need all over India,” claimed Twitter India to the media in an interview.

With this program, users can ask for blood donation just with a message to @BloodDonorsIN with their blood type, location hashtag, Twitter handle, and mobile contact. Interested people that wish to help can follow @BloodDonorsIN and retweet or respond to requests for assistance.

Answering to the program in a tweet, J.P. Nadda, the Union Health Minister, claimed, “I am pleased to witness Twitter take up this program to make stronger the general well-being and health of the nation with the #BloodMatters program. This will have an influential role in strengthening and mobilizing resources for the drive of blood donation in India.”

With the new program, rolled out in advance of its 12th anniversary this week, Twitter is extending the reach of the helplines such as @BloodDonorsIN via Twitter Lite on blood donations all over India. Twitter Lite offers more data-friendly authorization to real-time data exchange.

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