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How To Fix Issues In iOS 12

How To Fix Issues In iOS 12

The new iOS 12 has reached each and every corner. Even though the new operating system was launched to deal with the issues of older version, it has its own share of issues that the users are frustrated with. With every new version of iOS 12 comes some fixes to assist you give relief. But, where one issue gets solved, a new issue stands waiting for your every time, making it unbearable for the users.

How To Fix Issues In iOS 12

Even though users with older version of iOS are suggested to upgrade to the newer version, iOS 12 has its own share that prevents the users from updating. Every new version of iOS 12 solves the issues that were present in the older iteration as well as has its own new bugs. Moreover, users get insight of the new bugs if they are registered to the beta program, which is at the version 3.

And since the issues that are faced by the users are caused due to the new iOS, the solutions to these issues are rare. This leaves nothing but helpless. And hence, we are here today to assist you with some of the annoying bugs and help you solve them once and for all.


Cellular And Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Connectivity is the need of today’s generation. And one of the bugs that come with the new iOS 12 is cellular and connectivity issues. Users claimed that they were facing such issue in iOS 12.1.1. They claimed that while facing this issue you get detached from the cellular data completely or partially. This depends on the location or country you belong to. Using Wi-Fi connectivity was the only way for users to deal with this issue.

But with the latest iOS version, it is still vague if Apple has solved this issue or not. The solution to this issue is not guaranteed. Some users have recommended to reset the network settings. This can be done by going to Settings and clicking General. Next, you need to go to Reset and tap Reset Network Settings. This will not erase any data. Rather, it will erase all the settings and preferences related to the network (such as Wi-Fi password). And as mentioned earlier, the solution is not guaranteed.

Unable To Import iCloud Backups

A rare issue for users using iPads emerged when they claimed that they did not receive the latest iOS update. Hence, a lot of users using both iPhone and iPad were having iPhone with newer version than iPad. Users also reported that the process of setting up new iPad from an iCloud backup would not work.

The only solution to this issue was found, but with a price. Unless you do not have an iPad running with the latest iOS, it is recommended to install a new beta version with a $99 Apple Developer profile.

Issue With eSIM On iPhone XS, XR, And XS Max

If you are one of the users who faced issues while activating eSIMs on your iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max, here is a good news. The new iOS 12 update has a solution. Apple did not detailed much about the fix in the notes section during the roll out. But it might help to fix eSIM problem that users were facing.

iMessage Going To The Wrong Person

One more odd issue that users reported was after upgrading to new iOS 12, their iMessages were being sent to the wrong individuals. The reason for this bug is usage of same Apple ID by multiple people. If so is the case, all you need to do is switch to Family Sharing, which generates separate calendars, contacts, notifications, and much more.

One of the users recommended a bit more laborious. People having the same Apple ID should go into each of iMessage settings on their device and detach it from their Apple ID. Make certain they only have emails or phone numbers in the Contacts for whomever else is employing the similar Apple ID. This is a bit tricky job.

It seems that a few people are even stating that they are facing the problem even without the overlap of Apple ID. For this, all you can do is hope for Apple to roll out a fix in the next version of iOS 12.

Your iPhone XS Won’t Charge

Some of the users also reported that their iPhone XS Max and XS are not charging properly. A provisional solution to this issue is to make certain you connect your handset when it is lit and hear the connecting sound and see the animation for charging.

This is possibly a small issue that can be solved with a minor update. But Apple still needs to address it and we are sure that it will not be rolling out a new version for this fix alone. Hence, you need to hang around a bit for the official solution.

Faded Screens On iPhone X

Some iPhone X users have reported that after updating to new iOS 12, the colors on their display look “washed out” or faded. While this has not been experienced all over the world, it is not clear as to why users are facing this issue. For time being, some users have suggested to turn off the setting for Increase Contrast. This setting appears to be turned on in iOS 12 by default.

More Battery Drain

One of the most touted features in the iOS 12 was enhanced battery performance for older devices. On the other hand, users are claiming that after the update, the batteries of their device are draining unusually quickly.

To begin with, check health of your device battery to make sure that is not causing the issue. If the maximum capacity is less than 85%, it is time for a new battery to install. Next, if it is not the battery health issue, this might be an old issue seen in earlier version of iOS where the internal structure provisionally taxes iOS devices and drains the power quicker.

The solution to this issue is to reset the iPhone to factory settings and cleanly update to the latest iOS 12. Next, restore it from earlier backup. If this does not work, you can factory reset the device, install the new iOS 12. But do not restore using a back. Rather, install each app manually. If the issue still persists, all you can do is wait for Apple to roll out the fix.

Apps Not Working Properly

You may find that after upgrading to new iOS 12, some applications do not operate as they used to earlier. That is fine since they are shifting to a whole new environment. Besides, apps do launch a new version for themselves after a software update every time a new iOS version is released. All you need to do is go to App Store and see if there is updated iteration of the app in question.

Hotspot Won’t Turn Off

This may be a rare issue, but most of the users claim it to be present. When directly connecting a laptop to an iPhone 6S, it automatically reconnected. It remained intact even after closing the Personal Hotspot setting of the phone. This can be a defective setting from the carrier end or it might only happen in older models.

Now that you have had the solutions for most of the problems occurring in new iOS, we are sure you will be relieved to use your iPhone. Do let us know if this article was helpful or not by commenting below.

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant

If you have been following leaks of Apple since early 2019, you might have be known with tipster on Twitter recognized by the name @VenyaGeskin1 posting pictures of the iPhone X prior to it was declared. The tipster displayed the handset in 3 color versions namely Silver, Black, and Gold. On the other hand, when Apple rolled out the iPhone X, it only arrived in Silver and Space Gray. This might have let many think that there is no color variant of Blush Gold as rumored before. But consider again.

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant


The same tipster who displayed the iPhone X with Blush Gold variant before the handset was declared, has published that the company might convey the new color shortly. As per @VenyaGeskin1 the iPhone X with Blush Gold is in making. Along with the tweet are 2 pictures displaying the handset and a close glance at its SIM card tray. The tray is also present in Gold color.

This is still a rumor so for now we are still not following blindly the leak. But even if the company does convey a new color edition, it might probably be at the conference of WWDC 2018 or might be at the forthcoming event on March 27, 2018. The new color might be there to please the fans who are anticipating the iPhone SE 2.

It is also claimed that Apple is operating on a 6.1-inch handset. The handset is stated to arrive with TrueDepth sensors and full-screen display. It will have support for Animojies as well as3D sensing technology of iPhone X. The supposed iPhone is claimed to be supported with single battery cell capable of almost 2,850–2,950 mAh.

The rumors also recommend rectangular shape for the handset. Taiwanese makers such as Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron will be the main assemblers of the 6.1-inch handset.

Tesla Working To Increase Superchargers In Cities

Tesla Working To Increase Superchargers In Cities

This week Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) declared some expansions to the Supercharger network, comprising a European expansion, radically elevating Superchargers in the cities, and more. Previous month, Musk declared one more expansion of the Supercharger network to wrap 95–100% of the population in all lively regions.

Tesla Working To Increase Superchargers In Cities

He also claimed that the next branching will comprise the Supercharger V3, a new edition of the quick-charging station with an elevated rate of charge, which is lastly supposed to be launched early in 2019. Now Musk is speaking about radically elevating the number of Superchargers in cities to deal with the issue of charging for apartment residents.


That is an issue which other EV charging firms and Tesla have been trying to deal with for quite some time now. Tesla has been using its Urban Supercharger stations within the cities to deal with the situation and Musk claims that they are operating with landlords to include charging alternatives to apartments. Other firms, such as FLO, have designed new curbside electric vehicle charging stations to allow urban EV ownership.

On a related note, Tesla has been constantly releasing features for its users to get the better benefit of their mobile application. The latest update brings charging alternatives straight from the application. As Tesla’s task force increases, the “Supercharger” network is turning into even busier and it is becoming helpful to know how many booths are available at nearby stations.

In the last year, Tesla finally issued live in-car “Supercharger” booth occupancy information. Tesla’s recent mobile application software update includes a new feature that demonstrates charging stalls close to users’ car, but this requires car software 2018.48 version or above. It would be easier for Tesla owners to check the charging options easily so as to prepare for their trips. In September, Tesla dropped one more mobile application software update that allows owners to get more control for their cars from their phones.

After Finger Prints, It Is Face Unlock Technology For Xiaomi

After Finger Prints, It Is Face Unlock Technology For Xiaomi

The facial recognition technology is expected to be the talk of the town in 2018 after the iPhone X’s shift to Face ID. According to some new reports, Xiaomi’s forthcoming Mi7 might be one of the first smartphones to trench fingerprint sensor technology in favor of facial recognition. The phone is expected to sport 3D face sensing technology. A different report also claims that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will feature an on-screen which is also known as under-display fingerprint sensor.

After Finger Prints, It Is Face Unlock Technology For Xiaomi


The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 might be the first smartphone to follow the Apple’s footsteps withintegrating facial recognition instead of the earlier fingerprint sensing technology. The report from My Drivers also suggests that Xiaomi is not showing any interest in the upcoming display of fingerprint sensorandrevealed that Xiaomi is ditching the technology completely. Vivo and Huawei are rumored to use the same technology in their upcoming products.

Nevertheless, another report by GizChina found that an on-screen fingerprint scanner on the Mi 7. This establishes the fact that nothing is confirmed and people will have to wait for further updates to get a clear picture.

Some smartphones including the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T and Honor View 10 have now showed up with new features like facial recognition. They are expected to have some new features in 2018. Unlike Apple’s iPhone X, these Android smartphones are expected to have both fingerprint sensors and 3D face sensors technologies.

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 is also said to sport a 6-inch bezel-less 18:9 OLED display and a rear dual camera setup. If this report is true, it will make the Mi7 a significant upgrade from the 5.15-inch LCD display on Xiaomi Mi 6. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi 7 may also be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and will be launched in Q1 2018.

Get The Best Out Of Your Elliptical Machine

Get The Best Out Of Your Elliptical Machine!

Now that you’ve purchased your elliptical trainer, keeping into consideration all the factors associated with it, you must learn how to use it properly as well. A good fitness machine is only useful when used correctly. One must use the machine in such a way that he can get the maximum benefit out of it.
Get The Best Out Of Your Elliptical Machine
Mentioned below are some tips that one can use to shed those extra kilos and have fun doing it!

The Plan:

The first thing a user must do is to plan a workout that will help him achieve the desired result. The user, with the help of an instructor, should prepare a well thought out exercise regime and then follow it religiously. The workout must be planned in such a way that it gradually increases the intensity of the workout thus minimizing the pressure on the user.  Having a plan motivates the user to exercise in a systematic manner.

Correct Posture:

The user must maintain the correct posture while exercising. The user should not slouch or lean against the rails for it will only cause a hindrance. Slouching can result in lower back pain which is dangerous. It may seem easier to use the handlebars for support but it is harmful for the user in the long run. One should stand straight while working out.


The best elliptical machine, available on Amazon allows the user to have a whole body workout. The handles and levers help the user have a proper upper body workout, while the pedals help in toning the lower body. For an effective workout one must push and pull the levers while moving the legs, and keeping the back straight. This way the whole body is stretched together. One must however keep in sync the upper and lower body workouts.

Update your workout:

Keep updating your workout plan. Following the same regime day after day will soon tend to become boring and monotonous. Also a stagnant workout will eventually be ineffective as the body becomes used to it. The user must add variety to the workout, changing a few exercises and motions to keep the body fit. One can change the speed, the time period, the resistance and the stride length to diversify the workout. It results in the user enjoying his exercise and also effectively burning the calories.

Adjust the inclination:

Adjusting the incline settings on the machine helps adding variety to your workout. The inclination is a major factor that one must keep in mind while working out. The incline adds the extra simulation of walking, running or climbing making the workout more fun and effective. A low incline offers a slow stride; the medium incline offers the user the feeling of riding a bike and the high incline gives the user a simulation of climbing. A combination of all these three inclines would make the workout much more interesting and enjoyable.


Level up the resistance:

Many users are under the misconception that the faster they pedal the more calories they burn. Working out doesn’t mean aimlessly pedaling away on the elliptical; the user must also add a variety of resistances in his workout. One of the most important advantages of an elliptical is that it offers the user a wide range of magnetic or electronic resistance. This allows the user to increase the intensity of his workout. The more the resistance, the more powerful is the workout. Resistance forces the muscles to move harder that results in a more tough and satisfying workout.


The user must not have any distractions while working out. His entire focus must be on the movements of his body. Many users watch the television or listen to music while working out which is wrong. The user must concentrate on the proper techniques of the workout to achieve the desired results.
Google Unveils Self-Driving Car Prototype

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car Prototype

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. — Google has been building self-driving cars for years, but what we’ve seen so far has always been retrofits of existing cars — until now. The search giant unveiled on Tuesday a fully autonomous self-driving car, built from the ground up by Google and its partners.
Google Unveils Self-Driving Car Prototype
Company co-founder Sergey Brin revealed his plans at Recode’s Code Conference in southern California. He told Recode editors Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher (who has ridden in the car), that there’s a safety benefit in a custom-built self-driving car. Because the car doesn’t have a steering wheel, accelerator or brakes, it has more sensors in strategic spots than is possible in a regular vehicle. It is also equipped with a big “stop” button. In addition to all this tech, Google’s autonomous car includes internal power steering and power brakes. Read More>>
Facebook launches optional Nearby Friends feature for Android and iOS

Facebook launches optional Nearby Friends feature for Android and iOS

Facebook today launched Nearby Friends, a new option in the company’s main app for Android and iOS rolling out “over the coming weeks” in the US. The feature lets you see which friends are close to you, assuming that both you and the other party have enabled the functionality first.

Facebook launches optional Nearby Friends feature for Android and iOS

Before we dig in, it’s important to note where in the Facebook app you can access Nearby Friends. You’ll have to tap the “More” icon in the bottom-right corner, and hit “Nearby Friends” located just above “Nearby Places.” If you have already turned the feature on, you can also access it by opening the friends menu by swiping from the right, and you may also see a News Feed story showing you a list of friends nearby.

Opt-in for both parties

When we talked to Facebook product manager Andrea Vaccari, he made a point to emphasize that the feature was entirely optional. Not only is it off by default, but even if you turn it on, you have to still choose what group of friends to share your location with (Friends, Close Friends, or a specific friends list you’ve curated – “Public” and “Friends of Friends” are not available options). On top of that, you and your friend both have to have the feature turned on, and explicitly be sharing with each other, to see each other’s proximity.
nearby friends press 1 Facebook launches optional Nearby Friends feature for Android and iOS
We say “proximity” because Vaccari used the terminology to emphasize what you see once you’ve flipped the switch: the feature shows “not where they are, but whether they are close.” Notice in the right-hand screenshot below that Vaccari’s friends are listed by distance. Where they actually are, aside from “Near San Francisco, CA” and “Near Menlo Park, CA” is not shown.
nearby friends press 3 Facebook launches optional Nearby Friends feature for Android and iOS
This is in the “Nearby” section but the next two are also interesting: Traveling shows you who is on the go and Elsewhere shows you which of your friends are in a different part of the world. If a friend is far from you, you’ll get less specific information (like the city or country). If they are closer, you may see more (like the neighborhood). Read More News>>

How to Backup Your Android Phone

How to Backup Your Android Phone

To back up your Android phone, you have a variety of options. The simplest and most basic backup is the computer backup. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable.

How to Backup Your Android Phone

On your Android, pull down the main menu (swipe down from the top of the screen) and select ‘USB connection.’ On the next screen, choose USB Mass Storage and tap OK. On your computer, a new drive/removable disk should appear.


Open it, and copy everything into a folder on your computer, and you are done with the basic backup. This is something you should do once every few months.

For more regular backups, you have a variety of options. You can use an app – of which there are several – and quite a few of them are free. You can take a piecemeal approach and backup individual items separately. To back up your mail, contact lists, calendar entries and settings, you can use Google as the back up source.

Go to Settings and then Privacy. Make sure the check boxes for ‘Back up my settings’ and ‘Automatic Restore’ are selected. From there, go back and select ‘Account & Sync’ and select the boxes ‘Sync Contacts’, ‘Sync Gmail’, ‘Sync Calendar’.

For photographs, you have a variety of options. You can use the Google Plus app. After logging into your Google Plus account, enable Instant Upload through the Settings menu. Make sure that the Sync box for instant upload is selected in your Accounts and Sync settings is selected.

Alternatively, just manually drag and drop the contents of the DCIM folder into your PC, after connecting it with your USB cable.

Giftease Launches Gift via Email

Giftease Launches Gift via Email

India’s leading online gift destination, brings awesome news for gift seekers this summer. To delight its shoppers, Giftease has launched Gift via Email feature recently that connects friends and family in an amazing manner. The feature allows you to send gifts even if you don’t have the postal address of your loved one. Gift via email works in a pretty simple way, customers opting to choose Gift Via Email have to place an order and select ‘delivery via email ID’ option during checkout. The Giftease team then gets in touch with email recipient and requests them to share their postal address, if they accept the gift. The chosen gift then gets delivered to the recipient and the customer is informed about the delivery.

Giftease Launches Gift via Email

In case, the recipient doesn’t accept the gift, Giftease shall cancel the order and refund the money to customer in 3 working days. The Gift via Email comes with no extra charges on shipping for customers.  However, Fixed Date Delivery and Cash on Delivery options are not applicable on the Gift via Email feature. Says Vivek Mathur,, “We are always looking at ways to provide great gifting solutions and we are delighted to bring the Gift via Email option to our customers. This is a simple yet engaging way to connect further with our customers who love to send gifts to their friends and family. Through Gift via Email, customers have the opportunity to send a gift without worrying about the delivery address.”


Founded in Feb 2012, Giftease is India’s leading online gift destination. The online store brings a variety of gift options in Home Décor, Jewellery, Fashion, Gadgets, Books, Toys and more for all age groups and occasions. Committed to offering only selected items, which meets quality standards, and to deliver delight to the recipient, Giftease takes special care in packaging and delivering gifts to the recipients. Headquartered in Pune, Giftease is led by experienced professionals from eCommerce and technology industry.

Google launches indoor maps in India

Google launches indoor maps in India

Google on Wednesday announced the availability of indoor maps in India. The company said that users of Google Maps on Android, iOS and personal computers can now access the floor plans of 75 places in 22 Indian cities.

Google launches indoor maps in India
Google launches indoor maps in India
Most of these 75 places are shopping malls but museums and convention halls also find a mention in the list. Similarly, while most of these places are located in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, some buildings from Raipur and Ludhiana too are a part of the project.
“We launched indoor maps in countries like the US earlier. Now we are bringing it to India. We worked with mall owners and authorities that manage a place to get the floor plans and location details and have added that information to Google Maps,” Suren Ruhela, director and product manager, India Google Maps, told TOI. “For now we are starting with 75 places. But as we get feedback from consumers and work with more partners, we hope to add more places.”  Read More News>>