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Colombians Reject Peace Deal With FARC Rebels

Colombians Reject Peace Deal With FARC Rebels

Peace deal was signed last week by President Juan Manuel Santos and farc leader Timoleon Jimenez after the negotiations of 4 years. But it had to be introduced only after the Colombians consent.

Colombians Reject Peace Deal With FARC Rebels

The ratio of voting for peace deal was 50.2% against it and 49.8% in favor, led a difference of 63000 votes out of 13 million polls.

Former President Alvaro Uribe, who headed the “no” campaign, said all Colombians wanted peace, but that the deal needed “corrections”.


 The government had a hope that agreement of peace would have been a drastic change towards the nation. This voting was no doubt an important survey in Colombian history .The rejection was due to the fear of concessions and favors made to guerillas.

Communicating on television just after declaring result, President Santos said that a previously announced ceasefire will hold and that President Santos said that a previously announced ceasefire will hold and that both sides would meet in the Cuban capital, Havana, to decide on a way forward. There’s also a positive indication across the Colombia to end the five decade violence.

Focusing the nation, President Santos said he accepted the result but would continue working to achieve peace.”I won’t give up,” he said. “I’ll continue the search for peace until the last moment of my authorization, as that’s the way to leave a better country to our children.”

Meanwhile the Farc chief, known as Timochenko, said the group will stick with commitment on securing an end to the war.

However, the overall peace process is covered by improbability.

Europe Should Support For The U.S. Tariffs On Many Fronts: German Official

Europe Should Support For The U.S. Tariffs On Many Fronts: German Official

The EU (European Union) member states must brace for the U.S. tariffs on many fronts in the months beforehand, a senior German executive cautioned; just a few hours in advance Washington launched an investigation of a proposed French digital tax that can set off future tariffs. Peter Beyer—Germany’s Member of Parliament and Transatlantic Coordinator—stated that while there was persisted US interest in coordination with Europe, the Trump government nonetheless seemed poised to enforce tariffs over arguments regarding aircraft subsidies, European car imports and the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. In May, the U.S. President Donald Trump asserted that some of the imported vehicles and parts raised a national security fear, but postponed a verdict on imposing taxes on Japanese and European auto imports for as long as 6 Months to facilitate time for trade discussions with both partners.

Europe Should Support For The U.S. Tariffs On Many Fronts: German Official


European executives have said confidentially that they fear that Trump would now turn his focus to Europe, after intermediary a pact in a protracted trade spat with China. Trump in recent time ordered an investigation to find out whether France’s proposed 3% tariff on the French income of large internet firms was unfairly aiming some of the U.S.-based companies. Prior investigations aimed at the EU subsidies on huge commercial aircraft and China’s trade practices.

On a similar note, earlier, the U.S. threatened with new tariffs on the EU products worth of $4 Billion. The U.S. is strengthening its trade fight with the EU over aircraft subsidies, planning new tariffs on the EU goods valued $4 Billion. The tariffs—which were announced in recent time by the USTR (United States Trade Representative)—covered 89 products counting pasta, fruits, meat, cheese, coffee, and whiskey. They can be added to a record of the EU exports of worth $21 Billion that the USTR reported in April will be subject to tariffs.

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs

The Canadian President Trudeau came out highly satisfied from his meetings with Indian corporates and remarked as such at the Canada-India Business Forum this morning. He was mighty pleased to announce the investment commitment of Indian Corporates to the tune of USD 1 billion that was going to result in creation of 5,000 plus jobs in his country.

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs


He had discussions with several Indian businessmen and businesswomen like Anand Mahindra, Kumar Mangalam Birla, N Chandrasekaran, Cyrus Mistry, Salil Parikh, Swati Piramal, Chanda Kochhar and many more at the high profile Taj Mahal hotel.

He remarked on the similarities between the two countries on varied issues ranging from natural resources to the electronic and creative sector and pressed for both the country’s leaders to move forward together for mutual benefits. He also disclosed about Canadian investments likely to be made in our country possibly from the Canadian pension fund sector.

Trudeau was impressed with the diversity of the country which yet stood as a unified whole and said that there was a lot to learn from India by other countries. The diversity factor was a challenging one but it did not overwhelm the country. That itself, he felt was an indication of the maturity level of the country.

He however, lamented on the low percentage of women in the business sector and felt that there was a greater need for empowering them on this issue as according to him greater role of women in the business world was good for enhancing the community. He emphasized the fact of more than lakh Indian students making Canada their second home and stated that he wanted his country to be a top pulling nation for them. He further said that his country will always act as the welcoming host to many more Indians and appreciated Canada’s Indian origin citizens for being strong assets of the nation.

Oops! Salman Khan Thinks Anushka Sharma’s Boyfriend Virat Kohli Is Too Metrosexual

Oops! Salman Khan Thinks Anushka Sharma’s Boyfriend Virat Kohli Is Too Metrosexual

Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan is no stranger to constant comparisons with fellow actors. But what surprised the actor was a comparison with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli because of their similar moody nature to which the actor gave a response by calling Virat Kohli ‘too metrosexual’.
Oops! Salman Khan Thinks Anushka Sharma’s Boyfriend Virat Kohli Is Too Metrosexual
Salman Khan was recently in Dubai for the launch of a jewellery store. During a press conference when discussions were on about the ongoing World Cup matches, a question was popped comparing Salman Khan with Virat Kohli for their good looks and moody behaviourial changes. To which the Kick actor said, “I don’t think I am like Virat Kohli.
He is too metrosexual. I am not.” Referring to Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend Virat as a guy who is too concerned about the way he looks and loves to shop, Salman Khanplayfully drifted from the topic and started talking about his personal life goals. For the Being Human founder, marriage is not as important as his wish to have kids.
Salman is definitely the most eligible bachelor in India and whenever asked about the topic of marriage, the actor always gives witty responses.
This time the actor went ahead to express his expectations in future; “I always get so close to a wedding. God has been very kind. You can ask most married men and they will tell you what I mean. But one day my luck will run out. I hope it runs out soon. But more than marriage, having children is on my list. If I can figure out how to have those without marriage,” Salman Khan stated.
Well we surely wish to see any of that happen soon! Salman Khan is currently shooting in Gujarat for his upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo starring Sonam Kapoor.
How to Backup Your Android Phone

How to Backup Your Android Phone

To back up your Android phone, you have a variety of options. The simplest and most basic backup is the computer backup. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable.

How to Backup Your Android Phone

On your Android, pull down the main menu (swipe down from the top of the screen) and select ‘USB connection.’ On the next screen, choose USB Mass Storage and tap OK. On your computer, a new drive/removable disk should appear.


Open it, and copy everything into a folder on your computer, and you are done with the basic backup. This is something you should do once every few months.

For more regular backups, you have a variety of options. You can use an app – of which there are several – and quite a few of them are free. You can take a piecemeal approach and backup individual items separately. To back up your mail, contact lists, calendar entries and settings, you can use Google as the back up source.

Go to Settings and then Privacy. Make sure the check boxes for ‘Back up my settings’ and ‘Automatic Restore’ are selected. From there, go back and select ‘Account & Sync’ and select the boxes ‘Sync Contacts’, ‘Sync Gmail’, ‘Sync Calendar’.

For photographs, you have a variety of options. You can use the Google Plus app. After logging into your Google Plus account, enable Instant Upload through the Settings menu. Make sure that the Sync box for instant upload is selected in your Accounts and Sync settings is selected.

Alternatively, just manually drag and drop the contents of the DCIM folder into your PC, after connecting it with your USB cable.

Nokia just hit a $571-million obstacle to completing its deal with Microsoft

Nokia just hit a $571-million obstacle to completing its deal with Microsoft

The Supreme Court of India ruled today that Nokia must deposit 35 billion rupees ($571 million) in an escrow account before it can transfer its factory in India to Microsoft as a part of its 5.4-billion-euro deal to sell its mobile phones business to the tech giant. The court also wants Nokia to “waive some of its rights to legal defense as a condition for transferring Indian assets to Microsoft,” reports Reuters.
Nokia just hit a $571-million obstacle to completing its deal with Microsoft

The company finds itself in this situation as a result of a long-running tax dispute, one of many involving Indian authorities and multi-national companies. India has been seeking Rs 21 billion ($339 million) in back taxes on income from downloads on phones made in India. Nokia argued that a bilateral tax treaty between India and Finland, where it is headquartered, means it doesn’t have to pay such taxes. As the case went on, Nokia agreed to set aside Rs 22.5 billion—but a high court asked it to deposit some more, in case of further tax disputes. Read More News>>

Matt Cutts: Facebook, Twitter Social Signals Not Part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms

There has been much speculation and misinformation in recent years about whether social signals from

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, tackled the subject in his latest webmaster help video, which asks whether Facebook and Twitter signals are part of the ranking algorithm, and how much they matter.

With all the speculation, this is definitely an interesting topic for Cutts to address. Here’s what Cutts had to say:

Facebook and Twitter factor into Google search algorithm, and if so, how much. While some SEO professionals focus on social media for the rankings potential, others strictly look at social for the traffic, awareness, and other indirect benefits.

Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it, then we can return that in our search results. But as far as doing special specific work to sort of say “you have this many followers on Twitter or this many likes on Facebook”, to the best of my knowledge we don’t currently have any signals like that in our web search ranking algorithms.

Cutts statement seems quite definitivie that no, those signals aren’t taken into account. Does this mean there is some tiny bit of influence that could possibly be taking place? Is it something that could be changing later this year? Considering Cutts always chooses his words very carefully in these videos, it’s an interesting (and perhaps telling) thing to say. Read More Article>>

Bill Gates beats Barack Obama to become the most admired person in the world

The Microsoft founder and philanthropist, who is worth $78.5 billion dollars, also beat Pope Francis and Stephen Hawking to gain the top position

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is the most admired person in the world, according to a survey published today.

He narrowly edged out US President Barack Obama for the top spot and stormed ahead of fellow billionaire and friend Warren Buffett and physicist Stephen Hawking in the YouGov poll for The Times.

Mr Gates, well known for donating large sums of money to charitable organisations and scientific research, is highly regarded everywhere, judging by the responses of the 14,000 people who were questioned.

Residents of Great Britain, China, Pakistan and the USA were amongst those who took part in the survey.

Mr Gates co-launched The Giving Pledge with Buffett in 2010, with an intention to give the majority of their wealth to charity .

Third most admired person in the poll was Russian leader Vladimir Putin, followed by Pope Francis and Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Read More>>

Google Removed 350 Million Ads & Rejected 3 Million Publishers

Google today revealed the progress it has made in its fight against bad actors that abuse online advertising tools for harmful or deceptive purposes. In short, the company removed more than 350 million bad ads and more than 270,000 advertisers from its systems in 2013.
Google Removed 350 Million Ads & Rejected 3 Million Publishers
  •     Removed 350 million bad ads in 2013
  •     Disabled 270,000 advertisers in 2013
  •     Blacklisted more than 200,000 total publisher pages
  •     Disapproved 3,000,000 attempts to join AdSense
  •     Disabled 250,000 publisher accounts

 Director of Ads Engineering at Google – “Mike Hochberg” says ;

We have allocated substantial technical, financial, and human resources to stopping bad advertising practices and protecting users on the web.  Hundreds of our engineers, policy experts and others have dedicated their careers to this work.

Google Says “We removed more than 350 million bad ads from our systems in 2013.” The number of advertisers we disabled, however, dropped from over 850,000 in 2012 to more than 270,000 in 2013.

Bad Advertising Practice Offenders List:

Tech support scams:  4,000 AdWords accounts removed.

Copyright infringement:  5,000 AdSense accounts disabled for violating copyright.

Get Rich Quick Schemes: 10,000 ads disabled for sites promoting these.

Illegal online pharmacies:  2 million ads removed.

Counterfeit goods: 14,000 advertisers banned for trying to sell these.

Illegal online pharmacies:  2 million ads removed.

Malware:  400,000 ads disabled from sites hiding mal-ware.

 For more factoids about Google and how they deal with both bad advertisers and ad publishers, they created an infographic with more to tidbits:
Busting Bad Advertising Practices in 2013

Nokia reports fall in mobile sales and profits ahead of Microsoft handover

Nokia has reported a steep fall in sales at its network equipment division, the main business which it will be left with once it has sold its former flagship phone business to Microsoft for 5.4 billion euros.

The company said on Thursday that the Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) division’s fourth-quarter sales were down 22 percent on a year ago at 3.1 billion euros and it would embark on a new sales drive later this year.
Meanwhile sales in the Devices and Services division which it is selling to Microsoft fell 29 percent to around 2.6 billion euros due to “competitive industry dynamics”.

Nokia’s shares were down 3 percent at 5.55 euros by 1228 GMT, and analysts said much of the disappointment was due to worries about NSN, which will account for around 90 percent of the company after the Microsoft deal closes.

“The fourth quarter was slightly disappointing,” said Inderes analyst Mikael Rautanen. “Minus 22 percent was a heavier decline than was expected.”

Analysts had on average forecast sales of 3.2 billion euros, according to a Reuters poll.

The unit turned profitable in 2012 after slashing costs and shedding unprofitable businesses, helping to offset losses in its ailing mobile phone business.

But analysts have said it now needs to concentrate on winning more business as high research and development costs in mobile broadband technology mean bigger players have an advantage. Read More>>