This week Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) declared some expansions to the Supercharger network, comprising a European expansion, radically elevating Superchargers in the cities, and more. Previous month, Musk declared one more expansion of the Supercharger network to wrap 95–100% of the population in all lively regions.

He also claimed that the next branching will comprise the Supercharger V3, a new edition of the quick-charging station with an elevated rate of charge, which is lastly supposed to be launched early in 2019. Now Musk is speaking about radically elevating the number of Superchargers in cities to deal with the issue of charging for apartment residents.

Tesla Working To Increase Superchargers

That is an issue which other EV charging firms and Tesla have been trying to deal with for quite some time now. Tesla has been using its Urban Supercharger stations within the cities to deal with the situation and Musk claims that they are operating with landlords to include charging alternatives to apartments. Other firms, such as FLO, have designed new curbside electric vehicle charging stations to allow urban EV ownership.

On a related note, Tesla has been constantly releasing features for its users to get the better benefit of their mobile application. The latest update brings charging alternatives straight from the application. As Tesla’s task force increases, the “Supercharger” network is turning into even busier and it is becoming helpful to know how many booths are available at nearby stations.

In the last year, Tesla finally issued live in-car “Supercharger” booth occupancy information. Tesla’s recent mobile application software update includes a new feature that demonstrates charging stalls close to users’ car, but this requires car software 2018.48 version or above. It would be easier for Tesla owners to check the charging options easily so as to prepare for their trips. In September, Tesla dropped one more mobile application software update that allows owners to get more control for their cars from their phones.

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