The Canadian President Trudeau came out highly satisfied from his meetings with Indian corporates and remarked as such at the Canada-India Business Forum this morning. He was mighty pleased to announce the investment commitment of Indian Corporates to the tune of USD 1 billion that was going to result in creation of 5,000 plus jobs in his country.

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada

He had discussions with several Indian businessmen and businesswomen like Anand Mahindra, Kumar Mangalam Birla, N Chandrasekaran, Cyrus Mistry, Salil Parikh, Swati Piramal, Chanda Kochhar and many more at the high profile Taj Mahal hotel.

He remarked on the similarities between the two countries on varied issues ranging from natural resources to the electronic and creative sector and pressed for both the country’s leaders to move forward together for mutual benefits. He also disclosed about Canadian investments likely to be made in our country possibly from the Canadian pension fund sector.

Trudeau was impressed with the diversity of the country which yet stood as a unified whole and said that there was a lot to learn from India by other countries. The diversity factor was a challenging one but it did not overwhelm the country. That itself, he felt was an indication of the maturity level of the country.

He however, lamented on the low percentage of women in the business sector and felt that there was a greater need for empowering them on this issue as according to him greater role of women in the business world was good for enhancing the community. He emphasized the fact of more than lakh Indian students making Canada their second home and stated that he wanted his country to be a top pulling nation for them. He further said that his country will always act as the welcoming host to many more Indians and appreciated Canada’s Indian origin citizens for being strong assets of the nation.

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