Now that you’ve purchased your elliptical trainer, keeping into consideration all the factors associated with it, you must learn how to use it properly as well. A good fitness machine is only useful when used correctly. One must use the machine in such a way that he can get the maximum benefit out of it.
Mentioned below are some tips that one can use to shed those extra kilos and have fun doing it!

The Plan:

The first thing a user must do is to plan a workout that will help him achieve the desired result. The user, with the help of an instructor, should prepare a well thought out exercise regime and then follow it religiously. The workout must be planned in such a way that it gradually increases the intensity of the workout thus minimizing the pressure on the user.  Having a plan motivates the user to exercise in a systematic manner.

Correct Posture:

The user must maintain the correct posture while exercising. The user should not slouch or lean against the rails for it will only cause a hindrance. Slouching can result in lower back pain which is dangerous. It may seem easier to use the handlebars for support but it is harmful for the user in the long run. One should stand straight while working out.



The best elliptical machine, available on Amazon allows the user to have a whole body workout. The handles and levers help the user have a proper upper body workout, while the pedals help in toning the lower body. For an effective workout one must push and pull the levers while moving the legs, and keeping the back straight. This way the whole body is stretched together. One must however keep in sync the upper and lower body workouts.

Update your workout:

Keep updating your workout plan. Following the same regime day after day will soon tend to become boring and monotonous. Also a stagnant workout will eventually be ineffective as the body becomes used to it. The user must add variety to the workout, changing a few exercises and motions to keep the body fit. One can change the speed, the time period, the resistance and the stride length to diversify the workout. It results in the user enjoying his exercise and also effectively burning the calories.

Adjust the inclination:

Adjusting the incline settings on the machine helps adding variety to your workout. The inclination is a major factor that one must keep in mind while working out. The incline adds the extra simulation of walking, running or climbing making the workout more fun and effective. A low incline offers a slow stride; the medium incline offers the user the feeling of riding a bike and the high incline gives the user a simulation of climbing. A combination of all these three inclines would make the workout much more interesting and enjoyable.


Level up the resistance:

Many users are under the misconception that the faster they pedal the more calories they burn. Working out doesn’t mean aimlessly pedaling away on the elliptical; the user must also add a variety of resistances in his workout. One of the most important advantages of an elliptical is that it offers the user a wide range of magnetic or electronic resistance. This allows the user to increase the intensity of his workout. The more the resistance, the more powerful is the workout. Resistance forces the muscles to move harder that results in a more tough and satisfying workout.


The user must not have any distractions while working out. His entire focus must be on the movements of his body. Many users watch the television or listen to music while working out which is wrong. The user must concentrate on the proper techniques of the workout to achieve the desired results.

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