You don’t like a helicopter salesperson, but you like to be addressed by name when you enter your favourite retail store. You have little time to browse through the products randomly piled across the shopfloor, but you hate to be prompted along the way. You are a fastidious shopper, but you don’t mind relevant suggestions while negotiating the aisles at the store.

This is one area where brick and mortar businesses have had an edge over online stores – the art of gently nudging the customer towards things that might not have been on her shopping list in the first place. Now online stores have closed that gap – the smart ones are working overtime to incorporate data-driven merchandising to provide targeted and relevant offerings that help visitors make a purchase. They are providing navigation that enables consumers to easily refine product choices by important product attributes. In short, e-retailers have entered the domain that was once the exclusive preserve of brick and mortar stores: that of guided discovery. Read more News>>

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