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Apple is already gathering its gear for the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. Apple iPhone 7 is Apple’s upcoming Smartphone planned to be launched after the launch of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 7G is going to be the 7th generation Apple Smartphone and will be coming loaded with some futuristic features. Apple iPhone 7 design and production is still to be decided  by Apple but Apple has a lot of concepts and theories to design the Apple iPhone 7 Specifications and Features. Apple is always a standalone competitor in the Global Smartphone market due to its elegance and fan following. Apple has always been a more than smartphone and people look at iPhone as Brand and lifestyle rather than just Smartphone.
                       Apple iPhone 7 Price in India
Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone
Apple is currently testing out the Specs and Features with which the Apple iPhone 7G is coming. We have a full report about the Apple iPhone 7 Specifications and Price Reviews which can really gain the shape of true Apple iPhone 7. Well lets have a look at the Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Full Specifications, Price Rumors and Reviews.
Dont say that you have seen enough of Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPhone 6 because you will be just amazed by the Apple iPhone 7G and what it got in the box for you. Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone is having a large most probably a 5 inch HD Touch Screen Display and apple might remove the Apple Home button from the front body display of iPhone 7G. It is very clear that every Apple Smartphone is having a large screen than its predecessor so iPhone 7 is having  a large screen than the iPhone 6′s screen which is rumored to be 6 inch phablet or a 4.8 inch smartphone display.
Apple iPhone 7 is powered by a quad core A8 chip or higher because as the display of iPhone 7 is getting bigger it will be needing a bigger processor to make it run with more functionality. So a Quad Core A8 Chipset Processor in Apple iPhone 7 will do just about fine. Apple iPhone 7 will be coming with 4G network capabilities.
Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date
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Apple iPhone 7 Full Specs
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Apple iPhone 7 Features includes a 20 MP rear camera with 1080 pixel HD recording and a 8MP front facing camera for photography and video calling. Apple iPhone 7G is coming with a 256 GB memory as the iPhone 6 is already coming with 128GB memory set so the memory of 256GB for the iPhone 7 is not a big deal. Apple iPhone 7 Specs includes an integrated projector as well which might consume a lot of battery power but still it is a futuristic advancement for Apple iPhone 7 . Apple iPhone 7 Battery will be larger than the iPhone 5s because the 7th generation display and applications will need more power consumption and we are expecting a 3000mAh Battery for the Iphone 7.

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications and Features

  • 5 inch HD Touch Screen Display
  •  Quad Core A8 Chipset Processor
  •  20 MP rear camera with 1080 pixel HD recording
  •  8MP front facing camera
  • 256GB Memory
  • integrated projector
  • 3000mAh Battery
Remember that these are still rumors about the Apple iPhone 7 Specifications, you have to wait till the official Full Specifications of Apple iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7 Price Reviews

There is no official about the Price of iPhone 7 Globally anywhere for now. However as by seeing the Specifications and Features its gonna be coming with the expected Apple iPhone 7 Price in USA might be $800 or more because the Currency might change a bit in a year or two and the price might differ. Now if we are guessing now then Apple iPhone 7 Price in India will definitely touch Rs. 60k .

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

As we are currently going through the fifth generation of the Apple Smartphone and the six generation is still going to arrive before the Apple iPhone 7 Release Date. Most Probably the Apple iPhone 7 Release Date will be coming in late 2014. However please Date we are just at the Rumors stage of iPhone 7 and these Specifications, Price and Release Date of Apple iPhone 7 might differ in future a little bit.

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