Android leads mobile phone ad traffic, iOS overall leader thanks to iPad: Opera

The mobile advertising market is a major battleground for competing platforms, and Android now leads over iOS in terms of mobile phone traffic, reveals a new report.
Source – gadgets.ndtv
Opera’s latest State of Mobile Advertising report has revealed that Android with a mobile traffic share of 35.85 percent is ahead of iPhone, which has a share of 28.7 percent.

The report also claims that Android, despite leading in mobile phone traffic, is still behind iOS in terms of total traffic (including tablets) and monetisation, with Apple’s OS retaining its overall lead across mobile platforms thanks in large part to the iPad.

The report notes, “Looking ahead, we expect to see Android’s share of revenue continue to grow, but given how far ahead Apple is in the tablet space, we do not expect Android to take the lead for cross-platform monetization in 2014.” Read More>>

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