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How To Fix Issues In iOS 12

How To Fix Issues In iOS 12

The new iOS 12 has reached each and every corner. Even though the new operating system was launched to deal with the issues of older version, it has its own share of issues that the users are frustrated with. With every new version of iOS 12 comes some fixes to assist you give relief. But, where one issue gets solved, a new issue stands waiting for your every time, making it unbearable for the users.

How To Fix Issues In iOS 12

Even though users with older version of iOS are suggested to upgrade to the newer version, iOS 12 has its own share that prevents the users from updating. Every new version of iOS 12 solves the issues that were present in the older iteration as well as has its own new bugs. Moreover, users get insight of the new bugs if they are registered to the beta program, which is at the version 3.

And since the issues that are faced by the users are caused due to the new iOS, the solutions to these issues are rare. This leaves nothing but helpless. And hence, we are here today to assist you with some of the annoying bugs and help you solve them once and for all.


Cellular And Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Connectivity is the need of today’s generation. And one of the bugs that come with the new iOS 12 is cellular and connectivity issues. Users claimed that they were facing such issue in iOS 12.1.1. They claimed that while facing this issue you get detached from the cellular data completely or partially. This depends on the location or country you belong to. Using Wi-Fi connectivity was the only way for users to deal with this issue.

But with the latest iOS version, it is still vague if Apple has solved this issue or not. The solution to this issue is not guaranteed. Some users have recommended to reset the network settings. This can be done by going to Settings and clicking General. Next, you need to go to Reset and tap Reset Network Settings. This will not erase any data. Rather, it will erase all the settings and preferences related to the network (such as Wi-Fi password). And as mentioned earlier, the solution is not guaranteed.

Unable To Import iCloud Backups

A rare issue for users using iPads emerged when they claimed that they did not receive the latest iOS update. Hence, a lot of users using both iPhone and iPad were having iPhone with newer version than iPad. Users also reported that the process of setting up new iPad from an iCloud backup would not work.

The only solution to this issue was found, but with a price. Unless you do not have an iPad running with the latest iOS, it is recommended to install a new beta version with a $99 Apple Developer profile.

Issue With eSIM On iPhone XS, XR, And XS Max

If you are one of the users who faced issues while activating eSIMs on your iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max, here is a good news. The new iOS 12 update has a solution. Apple did not detailed much about the fix in the notes section during the roll out. But it might help to fix eSIM problem that users were facing.

iMessage Going To The Wrong Person

One more odd issue that users reported was after upgrading to new iOS 12, their iMessages were being sent to the wrong individuals. The reason for this bug is usage of same Apple ID by multiple people. If so is the case, all you need to do is switch to Family Sharing, which generates separate calendars, contacts, notifications, and much more.

One of the users recommended a bit more laborious. People having the same Apple ID should go into each of iMessage settings on their device and detach it from their Apple ID. Make certain they only have emails or phone numbers in the Contacts for whomever else is employing the similar Apple ID. This is a bit tricky job.

It seems that a few people are even stating that they are facing the problem even without the overlap of Apple ID. For this, all you can do is hope for Apple to roll out a fix in the next version of iOS 12.

Your iPhone XS Won’t Charge

Some of the users also reported that their iPhone XS Max and XS are not charging properly. A provisional solution to this issue is to make certain you connect your handset when it is lit and hear the connecting sound and see the animation for charging.

This is possibly a small issue that can be solved with a minor update. But Apple still needs to address it and we are sure that it will not be rolling out a new version for this fix alone. Hence, you need to hang around a bit for the official solution.

Faded Screens On iPhone X

Some iPhone X users have reported that after updating to new iOS 12, the colors on their display look “washed out” or faded. While this has not been experienced all over the world, it is not clear as to why users are facing this issue. For time being, some users have suggested to turn off the setting for Increase Contrast. This setting appears to be turned on in iOS 12 by default.

More Battery Drain

One of the most touted features in the iOS 12 was enhanced battery performance for older devices. On the other hand, users are claiming that after the update, the batteries of their device are draining unusually quickly.

To begin with, check health of your device battery to make sure that is not causing the issue. If the maximum capacity is less than 85%, it is time for a new battery to install. Next, if it is not the battery health issue, this might be an old issue seen in earlier version of iOS where the internal structure provisionally taxes iOS devices and drains the power quicker.

The solution to this issue is to reset the iPhone to factory settings and cleanly update to the latest iOS 12. Next, restore it from earlier backup. If this does not work, you can factory reset the device, install the new iOS 12. But do not restore using a back. Rather, install each app manually. If the issue still persists, all you can do is wait for Apple to roll out the fix.

Apps Not Working Properly

You may find that after upgrading to new iOS 12, some applications do not operate as they used to earlier. That is fine since they are shifting to a whole new environment. Besides, apps do launch a new version for themselves after a software update every time a new iOS version is released. All you need to do is go to App Store and see if there is updated iteration of the app in question.

Hotspot Won’t Turn Off

This may be a rare issue, but most of the users claim it to be present. When directly connecting a laptop to an iPhone 6S, it automatically reconnected. It remained intact even after closing the Personal Hotspot setting of the phone. This can be a defective setting from the carrier end or it might only happen in older models.

Now that you have had the solutions for most of the problems occurring in new iOS, we are sure you will be relieved to use your iPhone. Do let us know if this article was helpful or not by commenting below.

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs

The Canadian President Trudeau came out highly satisfied from his meetings with Indian corporates and remarked as such at the Canada-India Business Forum this morning. He was mighty pleased to announce the investment commitment of Indian Corporates to the tune of USD 1 billion that was going to result in creation of 5,000 plus jobs in his country.

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs


He had discussions with several Indian businessmen and businesswomen like Anand Mahindra, Kumar Mangalam Birla, N Chandrasekaran, Cyrus Mistry, Salil Parikh, Swati Piramal, Chanda Kochhar and many more at the high profile Taj Mahal hotel.

He remarked on the similarities between the two countries on varied issues ranging from natural resources to the electronic and creative sector and pressed for both the country’s leaders to move forward together for mutual benefits. He also disclosed about Canadian investments likely to be made in our country possibly from the Canadian pension fund sector.

Trudeau was impressed with the diversity of the country which yet stood as a unified whole and said that there was a lot to learn from India by other countries. The diversity factor was a challenging one but it did not overwhelm the country. That itself, he felt was an indication of the maturity level of the country.

He however, lamented on the low percentage of women in the business sector and felt that there was a greater need for empowering them on this issue as according to him greater role of women in the business world was good for enhancing the community. He emphasized the fact of more than lakh Indian students making Canada their second home and stated that he wanted his country to be a top pulling nation for them. He further said that his country will always act as the welcoming host to many more Indians and appreciated Canada’s Indian origin citizens for being strong assets of the nation.

Twitter India Takes Measures To Bridge Gap Of Blood Donation

Twitter India Takes Measures To Bridge Gap Of Blood Donation

Planning to bridge the demand-supply gap and generate more awareness for blood units in the country, Twitter India this week rolled out a new social program dubbed as #BloodMatters. As per a report by the WHO (World Health Organization), only 9 Million blood units are obtainable each year in India, in opposition to a requirement of 12 Million units.

Twitter India Takes Measures To Bridge Gap Of Blood Donation


@BloodDonorsIN (Blood Donors India), a charitable helpline for blood donation on Twitter, is the first associative for the initiative started by Twitter. Through this program, Twitter claimed that it looks to work with extra helplines of blood donation such as @BloodDonorsIN, health institutions, and blood banks all over the nation to link and get to a bigger audience.

“The portal plans to increase up the number of donors, the amount of chat related to blood donation in India, and work with associates that can make sure screened and safe blood can reach in time to those in need all over India,” claimed Twitter India to the media in an interview.

With this program, users can ask for blood donation just with a message to @BloodDonorsIN with their blood type, location hashtag, Twitter handle, and mobile contact. Interested people that wish to help can follow @BloodDonorsIN and retweet or respond to requests for assistance.

Answering to the program in a tweet, J.P. Nadda, the Union Health Minister, claimed, “I am pleased to witness Twitter take up this program to make stronger the general well-being and health of the nation with the #BloodMatters program. This will have an influential role in strengthening and mobilizing resources for the drive of blood donation in India.”

With the new program, rolled out in advance of its 12th anniversary this week, Twitter is extending the reach of the helplines such as @BloodDonorsIN via Twitter Lite on blood donations all over India. Twitter Lite offers more data-friendly authorization to real-time data exchange.

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant

If you have been following leaks of Apple since early 2019, you might have be known with tipster on Twitter recognized by the name @VenyaGeskin1 posting pictures of the iPhone X prior to it was declared. The tipster displayed the handset in 3 color versions namely Silver, Black, and Gold. On the other hand, when Apple rolled out the iPhone X, it only arrived in Silver and Space Gray. This might have let many think that there is no color variant of Blush Gold as rumored before. But consider again.

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant


The same tipster who displayed the iPhone X with Blush Gold variant before the handset was declared, has published that the company might convey the new color shortly. As per @VenyaGeskin1 the iPhone X with Blush Gold is in making. Along with the tweet are 2 pictures displaying the handset and a close glance at its SIM card tray. The tray is also present in Gold color.

This is still a rumor so for now we are still not following blindly the leak. But even if the company does convey a new color edition, it might probably be at the conference of WWDC 2018 or might be at the forthcoming event on March 27, 2018. The new color might be there to please the fans who are anticipating the iPhone SE 2.

It is also claimed that Apple is operating on a 6.1-inch handset. The handset is stated to arrive with TrueDepth sensors and full-screen display. It will have support for Animojies as well as3D sensing technology of iPhone X. The supposed iPhone is claimed to be supported with single battery cell capable of almost 2,850–2,950 mAh.

The rumors also recommend rectangular shape for the handset. Taiwanese makers such as Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron will be the main assemblers of the 6.1-inch handset.