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WhatsApp launches desktop messaging option

Messaging platform WhatsApp has announced that users can now send messages from their desktop web browsers.
WhatsApp launches desktop messaging option
However, in a blog post announcing the feature, the company says that messages will still live on users’ phones.
The desktop messaging option is also not available to users who access the app on Apple devices.
“We will not be able to provide [the] web client… due to Apple platform limitations,” it wrote.
Last February, Facebook paid nearly $19bn (£12.6bn) to buy WhatsApp, which recently reported that it had around 700m mobile users. The acquisition was completed in October.
WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest messaging platforms, but concerns have been raised about how it plans to increase its user base in addition to how it will make money.
Currently, the company charges a $0.99 (65p) annual fee to users who sign up to the service after their first 12 months of using it.
However, a filing with US regulators in October by Facebook revealed that the app brought in only $15m in revenue in the third quarter – and lost nearly $230m in the first half of 2014.
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Oops! Salman Khan Thinks Anushka Sharma’s Boyfriend Virat Kohli Is Too Metrosexual

Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan is no stranger to constant comparisons with fellow actors. But what surprised the actor was a comparison with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli because of their similar moody nature to which the actor gave a response by calling Virat Kohli ‘too metrosexual’.
Oops! Salman Khan Thinks Anushka Sharma’s Boyfriend Virat Kohli Is Too Metrosexual
Salman Khan was recently in Dubai for the launch of a jewellery store. During a press conference when discussions were on about the ongoing World Cup matches, a question was popped comparing Salman Khan with Virat Kohli for their good looks and moody behaviourial changes. To which the Kick actor said, “I don’t think I am like Virat Kohli.
He is too metrosexual. I am not.” Referring to Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend Virat as a guy who is too concerned about the way he looks and loves to shop, Salman Khanplayfully drifted from the topic and started talking about his personal life goals. For the Being Human founder, marriage is not as important as his wish to have kids.
Salman is definitely the most eligible bachelor in India and whenever asked about the topic of marriage, the actor always gives witty responses.
This time the actor went ahead to express his expectations in future; “I always get so close to a wedding. God has been very kind. You can ask most married men and they will tell you what I mean. But one day my luck will run out. I hope it runs out soon. But more than marriage, having children is on my list. If I can figure out how to have those without marriage,” Salman Khan stated.
Well we surely wish to see any of that happen soon! Salman Khan is currently shooting in Gujarat for his upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo starring Sonam Kapoor.