Month: April 2013

Galaxy Note 8.0 Review: Can Samsung Challenge Apple In Tablets Too?

It seems like Apple and Samsung are constantly parrying each other.
Samsung launches the Galaxy S III; Apple launches the iPhone 5 a few months later. Apple launches a new iPad; Samsung launches one of its new Galaxy Tabs a few months later. 
samsung galaxy note 8.0 home screen
Now we have Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPad Mini: the Galaxy Note 8.0. It’s an 8-inch Android tablet that has a special stylus called the S Pen, just like Samsung’s other Note-branded devices. It can also do a lot of things the iPad can’t, like run two apps at the same time in a split screen.  Read More News>>

A Closer Look at The Nine Sensors inside Samsung’s Galaxy S IV

Samsung have been delivering quality Android handsets ever since the original Galaxy S and regardless of what you think about their build quality and their software, there’s no denying that Samsung know how to pack a smartphone full of features. The Galaxy S IV has been one of the most anticipated smartphone releases in recent memory and of course, there was a lot of disappointment when Samsung announced a phone so similar to last year’s Galaxy S III. This isn’t to say that the Galaxy S IV is a bad phone, far from it, in fact I think Samsung did the right thing in keeping things much the same. We all know that the latest and greatest from Samsung is packed full of sensors, chips and fun-loving features but, what the hell are these sensors, and what do they do?
 galaxy s4
The Galaxy S IV comes with a total of nine sensors and they each serve a different purpose, and the data from each is used for a different function. We’ll let Samsung show off the sensors for you, with this good-looking poster: Read More News>>